Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greek Vote: What Happens Next.

So now we have the Greek vote done with.
It transpired exactly as I thought. Greeks elected pro-bailout parties because they want other Europeans to pay for their debt. They elected the same political parties who are responsible for this mess in the 1st place but I suppose they have no alternative. The Fox is in charge of the hen house. What happens next?
FT Alphaville has this informative piece:
And what about the pop in Euro? Oh that? It is already climbing down. Folks will soon realise that there will not be any Central Bank money pumping come Monday and Ben is going to disappoint as well on June 20.Nothing will come out of G20 as well. It could not have been any worse for the bulls in the short term. Things did not change and the bad news is not bad enough.
Lets see where it ends by next week.
I am happily sitting out of the whole drama.