Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bear Flag and Unfilled Gap.

I am not an expert in TA, not by a long shot. More of an arm chair technical analyst. But it looks like a bear flag to me. What do you think?

Also there is this area of unfilled gap which I have been writing about for a while and that is my target area before any bounce. Well, if the market decides to ignore that gap, I cannot argue with it but I think chances are high that tomorrow we will see another down day and maybe we will get a chance to fill that gap. That is also the area of strong support. All in all, not yet right time to play for the bounce.

If you look at the chart of yesterday, we were due for this green day. Should I call this an Analog? Nah! I don’t have much faith on Analogs. They are fun to watch when they happen, but it is suicidal to take action based on Analogs. We better have some other edge in trading or investing.

Nothing changed fundamentally in the world today. Despite the tension in Middle East, Crude did not budge much. Gold is hanging there by a thread. Euro land remained front and centre of the market. And no one is talking about the bigger mess that is America. But this constant up and down without a clear direction is draining for both the bulls and bears. You really have to be super smart to win in this market or luck or both. The last sell-off which took SPX from 1358 to 1314 has severely discouraged the bulls. Today it gained a mere 6 points which it may give back tomorrow and some more. If the plan is to discourage retail and then jack up the whole thing on super light volume, then it is successful. We will soon know. Even if we want to play for a bounce, it has to be super quick and for a very short time.

Every world leader is talking of growth and austerity. The leaders of the failed states like Greece or Spain are blaming Austerity for the ills of their country. But where is this “Austerity” that they keep talking about? They have not reduced spending. Per latest report, Greece did not reduce the number of its public sector employees that it agreed when it took the bailout. Why I am not surprised. What austerity measures Spain took or for that matter France or Britain? What % of GDP they saved through Austerity? What these countries have been doing all these years if they are talking about Growth only now? Politicians are same everywhere be it Spain or Uganda. May be now-a-days they are less corrupt in Uganda.

But these things will run its own course and nothing will change however we may shout. We just want to eke out a living and survive from these crooks. That’s it for today. Thanks for reading http://bbfinance.blogspot.com/ . Please do re-tweet of you think it is useful.