Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trading and the Psychology of Investing: interviews with Phil Pearlman and Joe Fahmy

Wanted to draw your attention to a couple of insightful radio interviews with StockTwits stars Joe Fahmy and Phil Pearlman on the Your Money Matters program.

You may know Joe from his tweets on the StockTwits stream or from watching his "Next Big Move" program on StockTwits TV. He is one of my favorite stock traders to watch and learn from on the stream, so I was pleased to hear this interview with Joe on his stock trading methods and the insights he shares with all investors and traders.

Check out Joe's thoughts on diversification and portfolio concentration, and his ideas on risk management and the importance of cutting your losses. No matter what your timeframe and trading/investing style, you're bound to learn something of value here.

If you're a fan of Phil Pearlman's "Market Shrinkology" show, check out this recent discussion on the psychology of successful investing.

I'm listening to this one out now and finding some familiar themes from Phil's "Shrinkology" shows, spiced up with some new ideas on how investors and traders deal with failure and success. Dealing with confirmation bias,
the psychology of markets, assessing your performance, and the importance of discipline and sticking to a plan are all up for discussion here.

You may want to save this link and come back to the interviews after market hours or when you have some time to really listen and soak up the insights shared here. Enjoy the talks, and be sure to check out Joe and Phil's blogs and tv shows if you haven't already. Great stuff.