Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Poorest Among Us

Obama is forever excoriating "the rich" and claiming that he represents the average American and the "poorest among us." Really? Is that why Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and George Soros are so supportive of Obama?

The brunt of the current recession is being borne, not by Buffett, Gates and Soros, but by the "poorest among us." If you look at the data on unemployment, the unemployed are concentrated among those with the lowest education levels and concentrated among minorities. The rich and comfortable are doing fine under the Obama regime. That's why so many of the "comfortable left" support Obama and his administration.

Obama and Pelosi will never have to look for a job. Neither has spent a day in the private sector hoofing it. They fly in charter aircraft and government financed airplanes far above the common folk. It is easy to pontificate from that elevated position.

"Let them eat cake" is an expression that never grows old. Obama and his compatriots think that the slogan "tax the rich" has meaning. It doesn't. That's why Buffett, Gates and Soros are all for taxing the rich. They know that they won't pay the increased tax rates. They can hide their income, as all three have always done by their own (arrogant) admission.

The real victims of Obama are average Americans stuck reporting their income on w-2's. They are the real target of the Obama crowd. If you work for a living you are in trouble. If you don't work for a living you are in even more trouble.

The rich have nothing to fear from this president. He can't reach them. What Obama can do is use class warfare rhetoric to try to confuse and divide the American public. The real issue is that this is a failed presidency with a disastrous set of economic policies. The US is drowning in lost jobs and debt. No amount of presidential obfuscation can hide the real facts.

The great tragedy is that the "poorest among us" are the real victims of this administration. That's why Buffett, Gates and Soros are happy campers cheerleading this buffoonery on.