Friday, July 29, 2011

No Growth Obamanomics

So here we are, puffing along at 1 percent for the first half of 2011 -- the worst economic recovery in modern history. So much for "hope and change."

There are only two real economic issues: 1) freeing up the economy so that it can recover; 2) reforming the entitlements so the country doesn't go bankrupt. Neither of these items are on Obama's agenda.

You wonder why Obama hasn't noticed the utter failure of his economic agenda. By now, you would think he would begin to get a clue. But, it doesn't seem that way. He still seems to think that the economy is someone else's fault. If only we taxed businesses more, they would hire more people, he seems to think. How about more regulation, how about more unionization, how about more lawsuits, how about more demonizing millionaires and billionaires? That ought to bring about a lot of new jobs!

I am still puzzled as to whether Obama is a fool, or simply doesn't care, or does he have a master plan and the results we are seeing are what he intended after all. Obama remains a mystery.