Thursday, July 4, 2013

Affordable Health Care?

The truth on ObamaCare is gradually unfolding.  Two things are becoming increasingly clear: 1). Health care provision in the United States is going to deteriorate dramatically in the future because of the 'Affordable Care Act'; and 2). Health care costs in the US are going to escalate dramatically because of the 'Affordable Care Act.'.

You would think that the above two facts are inconsistent, but they aren't.  There are a number of parts of the Act that are driving 1) and 2), but they can all be summarized by the following:  The "Affordable Health Care Act" promises services but provides no real means of payment.   Sound familiar?  The same truth is why medicare and social security (and public pension funds) are on a pathway to insolvency.

The Obama Administration's decision to postpone enforcement on the 'large employer' part of the "Affordable Care Act" is an open admission that they don't want the public to see the true costs of the new laws and regulations.  Once the elections are past, then, they say, they will enforce the law.  The "Act" itself does not provide the Obama Administration with the wiggle room to postpone enforcement, but in the new Obama world of 'selective enforcement' of American law, the Obama Administration announced (in a blog message, no less) that they do not plan to enforce the large employer provisions until elections in 2014 are safely over.

The best health care system is a free market health care system.  The insurance industry should be free to offer whatever health insurance plans they wish, to whoever they wish to offer them to.....period.

Concern about the uninsurable can be dealt with in the same manner as is done with auto insurance for drivers that are not normally insurable.

There is no reason for the government to take over the health care industry in the US.  Just as with public pension funds and social security, the government promises to take care of its citizens, but, in reality, has made no plans to honor those promises.  Ditto for the Affordable Care Act.