Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Obama Wins; USA Loses

As the Wall Street Journal spells out in some detail this morning, all Americans face major tax increases in 2013, including the middle class.  These tax increases don't include substantial increases in health care insurance costs for both employers and employees.  Funding the Obama agenda is expensive.  Republicans have given them a blank check by permitting Speaker Boehner to schedule a vote on the McConnell-Biden compromise.

Results are what matter and the truth is the Republicans did not have the courage of their convictions.  Once again, they let the country down.  Boehner should be removed as Speaker, but he won't be.  Maybe the only answer is to vote the Democrats back into control of the House, so that there can be a loyal opposition instead of a "me-too" Republican leadership. 

The McConnell-Biden deal increases the deficit, dramatically increases taxes, and rewards Hollywood producers and the money-losing wind energy business.   How could Obama not like that outcome and why would Republicans go along?  Who knows?

It now gets worse for Republicans as the debt ceiling discussion gets rephrased to: "We voted to spend this money, now we have to honor our commitment."  That will be the Democrats argument.  Obama will propose more tax increases and, once more, Republicans will cave.  Obama will get more spending, higher taxes, and more subsidies to his political allies. 

Not only will he get all of this, but Republicans will vote for it, as they effectively did last night when Boehner scheduled a vote on the "fiscal cliff compromise."  The fact that a majority of Republicans voted against the compromise is irrelevant.  Without Boehner's support, the deal would never have gone through and he is the leader of the Republicans.

It is not surprising that Obama plans to sink the country in a sea of taxes, regulation and debt.  What is surprising is that the Republicans are aiding and abetting Obama is his destructive course.

The Republicans had maximum leverage until last night.  Now the Republicans have no leverage at all in the upcoming debt ceiling discussion.  They also have nothing to run on in 2014.  Here's an easy prediction: Democrats will retake the house in 2014.  The Republicans deserve their fate.