Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reality Sets In

It is surprising that anyone is surprised. There has been a dramatic cultural shift in the western economies toward the view that businesses are little more than vehicles for exploitation. Go to the movies. How are businesses portrayed? Read a John Grisham novel. Is there ever a portrayal of a businessman or woman, who isn't essentially a purveyor of evil?

We have been inundated with the cultural view that we all need to be activists to support various causes. Only greedy companies, like "big oil" and other fatcats stand in the way of progress. The end goal? Everyone now has "economic" rights -- health care, food, housing, retirement, higher education, etc., etc. There is no end to what we are all entitled to. This is the consistent message of our media and our modern culture. Who pays for all of this? That, of course, is the question that never gets asked.

Now, reality is setting in. There is no one out there to foot the bill. Rich folks? Is that it? The bankruptcy of this silly notion is now apparent for all to see.

The reality is that only businesses can create the jobs that a vibrant economy needs. The government can only create stagnation and that is precisely what has happened.

We need a cultural paradigm shift. Otherwise, this is the new reality.