Friday, June 24, 2011

This is Why Politics Has a Bad Name

Are they kidding? Merkel and Sarcozy. Is Greece really going to accept economic devastation for at least a generation to pay back German and French bankers? Is there anyone out there who thinks this is really going to happen?

There is no way Greek citizens will agree to this. It is not politically possible. The Greek Parliament may pass whatever legislation that it feels like passing, but enforcement will not take place. There are few governments or countries in the world where corruption and tax evasion is as rampant as Greece. This is always the outcome of of an ever burgeoning government.

European Union officials believe, as Obama believes, that raising tax rates will generate revenues. In fact, raising tax rates last year in Greece led to a substantial decline in tax revenues.

What is happening in Europe is typical of modern politics both in Europe and in the US. Pretend politics. There are few, if any, statesmen in Europe who are behaving rationally these days. Remember the Treaty of Versailles? How did that work out for you?