Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Happened to Robin Hood?

In Madison, thousands of high income folks are busy demonstrating in the hopes that lower and middle income taxpayers will pay higher taxes to keep these rich folks riding high. The average teacher in Wisconsin makes between two and three times the all-in compensation of the average Wisconsin taxpayer, so, by all means, lets raise taxes and make the gap even higher. To show their concern for their students, the Wisconsin teachers have taken to calling in sick while they are demonstrating in the state capital for even more money.

Meanwhile, the state faces an immediate $ 3.6 billion shortfall and will be forced to begin laying off teachers next week. Why don't the demonstrating teachers care about the pending layoffs? Because the ones demonstrating will not be the ones laid off. The ones laid off will be the most recently hired teachers with the least seniority and these teachers aren't paid as well or have as much seniority as the ones wreaking havoc in Madison. The rich teachers are protected by seniority rules.

Just imagine a couple both of whom have been school teachers in Wisconsin for twenty years and have a combined compensation exceeding $ 250,000 annually. These are the people demonstrating. These are the people that are not showing up in the classroom even though paid (handsomely) to do so.

Where is Robin Hood? He needs to ride in and support the taxpayer against these rich folks who are robbing the public treasury and not showing up for work.

Student demonstrators, as usual, are supporting the relatively affluent against the interests of the average citizen. No change there.