Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown wins, Dems lose key Senate seat

More on the Massachusetts special election from the FT, "Democrats lose key Senate seat":

"Democrats were dealt a blow on Tuesday night when Republican
Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senate seat controlled by the Kennedy family for 56 years in an electrifying special election.

Mr Brown’s victory in one of the US’s most liberal states will deprive President Barack Obama’s party of its 60-seat “super majority” in the Senate and make it much more difficult for Democrats to pass healthcare reform legislation.

Analysts said it would inflict a heavy psychological blow as Mr Obama marked his first anniversary in office, and highlighted the extent to which the gloss had come off his presidency. The loss in the party stronghold also raised concerns for Democrats seeking re-election in more moderate states later this year.

I know some people were keeping a real close eye on this special election tonight. Maybe some of you have some insights on the implications of this win for Brown and the Republicans?

FT notes that Dem candidate Martha Coakley was expected to "coast" to victory just a few weeks ago. Looks like voters in Massachusetts decided otherwise tonight.